About each painting

"The Climbing Tree"
The reason this painting is called "The Climbing Tree" is because children, including me when I was a child, love to climb over its protruding roots.

"Pilots Cottage"
My sister and I were looking for a spot to paint, when we turned a corner and saw this beautiful cottage.

"Landermere Creek"
The overriding memory I have of painting this scene is the clanking of the boat chains. It was incredibly peaceful.

"Hay Bales at Crow Hill"
Crow Hill is in Bedingham. I cycled to the spot and spent three days sitting under a tree enjoying and painting this beautiful view. Woodton All Saints Church can be seen in the distance.

"The Garden"
I love gardening, this is the garden of my previous house.

"The Tree Across The Road, Spring, Autumn, Winter"
The studio in my previous house looked out onto this tree. The colour was so vibrant in autumn I had to paint it. I was drawn in again when the branches were covered in snow, so when spring arrived I completed the triptych.

"India Nanital"
This is painted from a photograph I took when visiting India. We were in a cable car and I used my zoom lens to capture the natural scene.

"Nepal - Pokhara"
We stayed on an island in Pokhara where a wooden raft pulled along using a static rope took us from the island to the mainland. I photographed the women washing their laundry on the bank.

"New Zealand - Pink Maomao"
We stayed with a friend in New Zealand for New Year, different people came to stay and each day a group would go out to sea and catch the fish for us to eat that evening. Well this is our catch! Pink Maomao.

"A Garden In Beaune"
This oil painting is of a beautiful statue in a garden in Beaune. While the grapes sit around her feet, she is pouring the wine. The willow tree has shed its leaves, lying bleached on the floor. A representation of a beautiful wine region.

"Girl on a Windy Beach"
This is painted from a photograph a friend took of me. I love the composition of the sky, sea and stones.

"The Stubble Field"
This is the field opposite "Hay Bales at Crow Hill", in Bedingham. I set up on the grass bank for two days capturing the basis of the painting, then completed the work from photographs back in my studio.

"The Old Forge" Bedingham
A friend and neighbour invited me to join her, her mother and sister-in-law painting the old barn in her field. We had a lovely day painting together. The barn used to be a forge some years ago.

"Bales Between the Trees"
I was getting ready in the morning to cycle down the road to paint these bales, when I heard a tractor in the distance. I rushed to the spot and was glad to see the bales had not been collected.

"Haylage - Baling the Back Field"
I have seen the haylage bales in this field many times before but they are always taken away almost straight away. When the field had been cut and turned, I painted the surrounding trees in readiness. As soon as I saw the tractor arrive, I set up my easel and painted the bales in as they landed. I took some photographs before the bales were taken away and completed the painting in my studio.

"Chinese Lanterns"
I looked around the garden in winter to find a subject to paint, the Chinese Lanterns stood out. It was rather cold sitting outside but really enjoyable.

"The Sunflower Field"
It was a delight to see this beautiful sunflower field in my lane. I set up my easel on the opposite bank and enjoyed painting this lovely field.